About Us

Who we are.

Founded by Real Estate Expert Alanderson Felipe De Abreu in 2011, the Miami-based association management Company LIFEPM has fast became an industry leader in each region the company operates, with more than 30 employees base in four offices across Florida, Brazil. From upscale high-rises to stately HOAs and garden-style apartments and luxury motorcoach communities, we take pride in the diversity of properties we serve and our ability to meet the unique needs of more than 700 units.

Our mission.

To provide the highest quality property management services including exceptional accounting, knowledge-based maintenance and dedication to superior customer service and luxury hospitality.

The strength and competence of our management teams consistently sets us apart from others. Each member comes highly qualified, is exclusively trained on all aspects of service, and with a strong emphasis on fiscal responsibility.


Our team.

We bring together experienced CPA’s a Seasoned Real Estate management team, licensed and experienced association managers, maintenance professionals and hospitality experts, who handle it all with finesse and confidence. We are responsive at the highest level, hands-on and ready to tailor our expertise to your needs.

Our core values.

The principles that we follow, the professionalism of how we treat others, and the way we do business all add up to GREAT.

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Trustworthy & Transparent